Founder Olaf Weller

Olaf Weller

I got the idea for Ramaya in 2016 during a meditation workshop in southern Portugal. “I am going to combine my two greatest passions in life!”, I thought. A combination of design, the conception and production of wonderful contemporary products and awareness development.

Sacred geometry

A year later I had discovered the ‘Flower of Life’. I immersed myself in this symbol and the “sacred geometry” behind it. It became fun when I started drawing it myself. By meditating on the essence of form, I also came into contact with my essence. “Wow!” I discovered the powerful effect of symbols and started shaping them myself.

Flower of Life

The first product that I designed was a necklace from the ‘Flower of Life’. It seemed to me special to be able to share the positive effect of the symbol with the world in this way. Wood was the material I opted for. In order to stay as close as possible to the essence of the symbol, and to conserve the original shape, I use a laser machine that cuts shapes very accurately. I can also produce the necklaces myself in the Netherlands, so that I can guarantee the quality.

New symbols

When this design was well received I started designing more symbols. I bring both existing symbols back to their essence, and design new symbols myself. Like the Ramaya symbol. I look forward to developing many more inspiring symbols in the coming years, in collaboration with other talented designers, and thus to empower people on their path of consciousness development.

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