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We envision an extraordinary world in which we all find the courage to truly live from our hearts.

We want to inspire you with our power symbols to go on a journey of discovery into your true nature.

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The Ramaya symbol stands for conscious love. The eye symbolizes awareness, your true essence. The circle in the eye stands for the origin, oneness. The heart shows two halves that unite together, symbolizing love and compassion.

Combining awareness and love creates this powerful symbol that can support you in opening your heart to all parts of yourself and the other. Accepting any situation you find yourself in and giving it your love.

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Ramaya was born in Portugal during the summer of 2016. That same year we found the first enthusiastic retailers in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam to sell the power symbol chains. During 2017, the number of sales outlets grew by engaging in nice collaborations both at home and abroad. This gave energy to design new products. We designed postcards and the Big Wall Flower, a large wooden Flower of Life for on the wall. And now in 2018 we are ready for the future with the completely new website!