Sri Yantra Ramaya

Sri Yantra

13 September 2020

Sri Yantra…

Her name shows her beauty and her Eastern origins. Her appearance calls your attention. What is hidden in all her layers? And what does she stand for?

A Yantra is a sacred geometric shape. A symbolic instrument made up of different layers. You can peel het off like an onion and discover the key wisdom that is hidden in it. In which the mantra provides an auditory path to spiritual growth. Is it the Yantra that makes this possible for us in a visual way.
The Sri Yantra is one of the most famous Yantras. Her literal meaning is ’the instrument for wealth’. In material and spiritual form. Because wisdom is a great source of wealth.
But how do we gain wisdom? By reading books? By getting a diploma that states you know the truth? Or by peeling ourselves off like an onion, in order to discover what is hidden in the core?
The Sri Yantra encourages the latter. She is like a route map that shows us the way to our center. Where our wisdom can be found. On the ‘map’ the destination is marked as the dot in the middle, the Bindu. We find many forms outside that each add something beautiful to the route. After all, it’s not just about the final destination.
Prominent in the Sri Yantra is the special interplay of triangles. A triangle is a perfect shape. Everything that consists of three mirrors a completeness. Just think of the trinity that you see in many philosophies of life.
In the Sri Yantra, the triangles form a balanced dance between the masculine and the feminine. Four triangles directed upwards, representing the masculine. And five triangles directed upwards, which represent the feminine. Indeed, one more female triangle. Which is certainly a deliberate wink from the Goddess, with whom the Sri Yantra is strongly connected.
In this way there is wisdom to be discovered in every layer of the Sri Yantra. Just like in you. What do you discover when you peel off your layers? What own wisdom is hidden in your core?
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