Seed of Life

Seed of Life

6 February 2019

You’ve probably heard about the “Big Bang”. Can you imagine that there was nothing at all? And now there are animals, people, iphones and convenient rental bicycle! Just as amazing is to remember that you yourself have also emerged from nothing and that your body that you enjoy every day is made from one tiny cell. The seed of life describes the path from emptiness to form.

How do you get from nothing to something? Let us imagine “nothing” as an empty space. So no man, no animal, not even a soul and no consciousness. Complete emptiness. What is the first thing that can arise? No iPhone, we first needed Steve Jobs and he is not there yet. No, the first thing that can arise is a point. A very small “little thing”. The simplest form you can imagine.

Let’s look at the point with a magnifying glass. What do we see? A beautiful round shape, a circle. This is the middle circle of the Seed of Life. The circular shape has been seen as a symbol for unity for thousands of years. Perfectly round, no weird bulges or deviations, pure essence in shape.

How do we go from this unity to a form? We go to the top of the circle and from there we make exactly the same circle with a compass. Now we have two circles that form a kind of eye where they overlap. Thus we continue making circles until we have drawn six circles around the inner circle.

Then a beautiful flower shape is created. Literally from scratch. Because do you remember? We started with nothing, we put a point down, that became a circle, which started to multiply and made the first form. That first form could have been anything, an airplane, a ping pong table, a jar of peanut butter but no, it is just a beautiful flower with six leaves. Somewhere also logical because flowers were of course there before peanut butter jars. After all, a peanut comes from a flower.

That is the story of the Seed of Life. How consciousness in harmony with itself has made the first form, a flower shape. And this story reminds us that it is therefore quite possible to start something new from scratch. That is how you, the earth, and the whole universe is born from nothing. So also those ideas that you have, which you think may not be feasible. The Seed of Life can remind you that everything that people have ever made has begun as an idea, as a seed.

You too are able to make your idea a reality as thousands of people have already done before you. So what is your idea? Which seed are you going to bud?

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